More Stories in Math

  1. A scanning electron microscope image of a sea urchin skeleton, showing many honeycomb-like holes

     Sea urchin skeletons’ splendid patterns may strengthen their structure

    “Voronoi” geometric patterns found in sea urchin skeletons yield strong yet lightweight structures that could inspire the creation of new materials.
  2. Burger patties in various levels of doneness and buns arranged on a grill

     Here’s the quickest way to grill burgers, according to math

    The fastest way to cook a burger involves flipping the patty about three to four times, a mathematician says.
  3. black and white photo of Alexander Friedmann

     A century ago, Alexander Friedmann envisioned the universe’s expansion

    Alexander Friedmann saw that Einstein’s equations predicted multiple cosmic scenarios, including a Big Bang.
  4. southern live oak

    Leonardo da Vinci’s rule for how trees branch was close, but wrong

    An update to da Vinci’s elegant, 500-year-old “rule of trees” offers a powerful, new way to describe the structure of almost any leafy tree.
  5. image of numbers written on a chalkboard

     How the way we’re taught to round numbers in school falls short

    A rounding technique taught in school doesn’t work well for machine learning or quantum computing, but an alternative approach does, researchers say.
  6. Castleton Tower, a sandstone formation near Moab, Utah

     How climbers help scientists vibe with Utah’s famous red rock formations

    Researchers teamed up with rock climbers to collect rare data that help them assess the seismic stability of red rock formations in Utah.
  7. a picture of an ancient Indian text

     Take an online journey through the history of math

    ‘History of Mathematics’ explores the origins of arithmetic, algebra, geometry and more.
  8. physicist Yali Mao working with highly technical physics apparatus
    Quantum Physics

     Quantum physics requires imaginary numbers to explain reality

    Quantum theory based only on real numbers fails to explain the results of two new experiments.
  9. image of an Akoya oyster with several pearls
    Materials Science

     Researchers have unlocked the secret to pearls’ incredible symmetry

    Understanding the structural secrets of how mollusks form symmetrical pearls could inspire more optimal materials for solar panels and space travel.