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  1.  Readers discuss swimming sperm, a fishing fox and more

  2. photo of the remains of an Inca child bundled in a textile and wearing a ceremonial headdress

    These are the most popular Science News stories of 2022

    Science News drew over 13 million visitors to our website this year. Here’s a recap of the most-read news stories and long reads of 2022.

  3. Science & Society

     These are our favorite science books of 2022

    Books about dinosaurs, the Milky Way and the coronavirus are among the Science News staff’s picks for must-read books of the year.

  4.  Readers discuss ‘ManBearPig’, uncombable hair and more

  5. A photo of the Pillars of Creation

     These are our top space images of all time

    These are the best astronomy pictures ever, from Hubble, the James Webb Space Telescope and more.
  6. Readers ask about photon rings and more

  7.  Readers discuss the search for dark matter and 25 years of Mars rovers

  8.  Readers discuss a new type of black hole merger, warm-bloodedness and more

  9. a composite of headshots of the 2022 SN10 scientists
    Science & Society

     Big questions inspire the scientists on this year’s SN 10 list

    These scientists to watch study climate change, alien worlds, human evolution, the coronavirus and more.
  10. Readers discuss colors and spikes in the James Webb Space Telescope’s images and more

  11.  Readers discuss big bacteria, gravitational radar and more

  12.  Readers ask about the Higgs boson, 10 years after its discovery