1. A photo of China's maglev train as it comes into a station with several people standing at balcony of a nearby platform.

    How rare earth elements’ hidden properties make modern technology possible

    Because of their unique chemistry, the rare earth elements can fine-tune light for many different purposes and generate powerful magnetic fields.
  2. An aerial view of Mountain Pass rare earth mine in southeastern California,

     Rare earth mining may be key to our renewable energy future. But at what cost?

    We take you inside Mountain Pass, the only rare earth mine in the United States.
  3. A Black man looks out of an astronaut helmet with outer space in the background

     Artemis missions will usher in a new, more diverse crew of astronauts

    Space agencies are preparing to send the next generation of astronauts to the moon and beyond. Here’s how the next crews will be different from the last ones.
  4. A photo shows water, a possible source of PFAS exposure, pouring into a glass.
    Health & Medicine

     ‘Forever chemicals’ may pose a bigger risk to our health than scientists thought

    PFAS are linked to obesity, cancers and more. Growing evidence of the chemicals’ risks has prompted new guidance for safe drinking water and consumer testing.
  5. Illustrations on a three week calendar showing a woman struggling with her COVID-19 symptoms
    Health & Medicine

    At a long COVID clinic, here’s how doctors are trying to help one woman who is struggling

    As more people experience long-term health problems from COVID-19, long COVID clinics try to help patients manage symptoms, like brain fog and fatigue.
  6. illustration of an astronaut on the moon

     Artemis I finally launched. Here’s what it means for human spaceflight

    The launch of NASA's Artemis I is a giant step toward sending humans back to the moon and heading beyond.
  7. Four patients line up at a desk in Mount Sinai's Center for Post-COVID Care
    Health & Medicine

    Where are the long COVID clinics?

    For people with long COVID, finding a place to get appropriate medical care is a challenge.
  8. photo of people gathered around a

     Tree-climbing carnivores called fishers are back in Washington’s forests

    Thanks to a 14-year reintroduction effort, fishers, or “tree wolverines,” are once again climbing and hunting in Washington’s forests after fur trapping and habitat loss wiped them out.
  9. Marcos Simões-Costa portrait

     Marcos Simões-Costa asks how cells in the embryo get their identities

    Marcos Simões-Costa combines classic studies of developing embryos with the latest genomic techniques.
  10. Emily Jacobs and Caitlin Taylor look at images of the brain on a computer.

     Emily Jacobs wants to know how sex hormones sculpt the brain

    Emily Jacobs studies how the brain changes throughout women’s reproductive years, plus what it all means for health.
  11. Christopher Barnes
    Health & Medicine

     Christopher Barnes is on a quest for a universal coronavirus vaccine

    Christopher Barnes wants to stop the viruses that cause COVID-19, the common cold and more.
  12. Robin Wordsworth stands in front of a martian meteorite exhibit wearing a gray sweater and glasses
    Planetary Science

     Robin Wordsworth re-creates the atmosphere of ancient Mars

    Robin Wordsworth studies the climates of Mars and other alien worlds to find out whether they could support life.